AMA Recap — Koakuma x Automatic Venture Group


Let’s start with you, can you tell us briefly about yourself and your place in Koakuma?

Could you please introduce the Koakuma project and your vision to us?

Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop such a great project like yours?

Could you tell us about the Koakuma team and their background?

What does a user need to start playing on your platform? Can we play for free and how will we get a profit?

What is the functionality of the project token?

Tell us about your nearest plans for this year. What important events do you need to keep an eye on?

The issue of security is very important for blockchain projects. Do you already have security certificates?

When do you have an IDO planned, and where can our users participate? If you have contests or giveaways please share them with us.


Q1 (@archi_kol) : There are 6 characters on the homepage and I noticed that Lynn is the weakest, but has the highest intelligence. Am I correct in assuming that she is the only support in the game, and the concept implies that any character can tank except her?

Q2 (@Sergobork): Your project looks very attractive, especially the system of crafting and processing materials, as well as medicinal plants. Could you tell me more about the system of crafting? Will it be a recipe-based crafting, what resources will need to spend? Do I need to spend tokens (like $BOD) to create items or consumables will be the resources mined in the game? Thank you!

Q3 (@Unicap2): Your project’s mission is interesting, it requires a significant amount of user traffic to be sustainable in the long run. What marketing plan do you have in place to build brand credibility for your project? Are you considering a strategic alliance to help you promote your project?

Q4 (@Kuzegorka): The level of the player and the quality of equipment play a huge role in any game. In the games you were inspired by (Warcraft, Diablo), the skills and tactics of the player himself are a very important factor. Will the skill level of the player himself be important in your game or will the equipment be the determining factor?

Q5 (@sanec4ek): Koakuma is an open-world game, a new type of blockchain gaming whose goal is map exploration and adventure. Usually, open-world games require hardware with high processing power. Will this be a barrier to adopting the game? Can the novice gamer also experience the game in all its glory?


Where can the audience follow you and your project?



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