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In the CBT2, many players have experienced the use and synthesis of the rune. Players can realize that a great combination of runes can improve their ability. It not only increases the effect of skills but also some runes can increase the number of strikes and the display form of skills. Learn to harness the power of runes, it will be one of the most important tools players have in their adventures!

  • The type of the rune
  • The combination of the rune
  • The use of the rune
  • How to get the rune

The type of the rune

There are 3 types of runes: green, blue, and golden. Green runes provide a skill stat bonus. Blue runes trigger special abilities under certain circumstances. The golden rune is more powerful and can completely change the form of a skill. Players can create a stack effect by combining and matching runes.

The combination of the rune

Runes can be synthesized to improve the level and power. The highest level of the rune is 5. Players need to create a high-level rune from 3 of the same runes on the synthesis tab(In beta, only 2 runes are needed to quickly experience the rune synthesis)

The use of the rune

On the skill tab, the left side will display ‘skill point’ and ‘skill level’. After selecting any skill, the right side will display the rune configuration of the skill at this time. Each skill has 16 slots that can be equipped with runes, click the rune to activate it.

How to get the rune

In Koakuma, all runes are NFTs, and once the game is launched, players can challenge dungeons, kill monsters, and open treasure chests to pick up randomly dropped runes

It takes a lot of primary runes to get a rune to a higher level, but in addition to getting it in-game, you can also quickly buy the rune you want, which will give you a boost of power for a short time. Currently, we have the NFT drop in sale with Ultra that includes runes, there are only a few available in mint so players can hurry up to buy them (Download and buy NFT).

Runes have been upgraded from 2-in-1 to 3-in-1. The number of runes required for the upgrade is increased, so the team has also adjusted the rune price accordingly. For those who buy Uniq with runes in Ultra NFT sales, we will increase the number of runes they receive

Hero Uniq: 4 runes increase to Golden*20, Green*30, Blue*30

Scourge Uniq: 2 runes increase to Golden*10,Green*15, Blue*15

About Koakuma

Koakuma is a medieval fantasy 3D MMOARPG. Its goal is to create a complete medieval fantasy world experience, where players fight in epic battles using specially designed NFT assets.

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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.