3 min readNov 22, 2022

After the launch of CBT2, we have been well-received by the majority of players. Many players have experienced more smooth operations, wonderful fights with bosses, and written some exciting stories.

Everyone has higher expectations for the CBT2 tournament. All the waiting has been worth it. We are very excited to tell you that our CBT2 tournament will officially start on November 25th 12 a.m UTC

This article will introduce the mechanism of the tournament and how to qualify for it.


  • There are 36 levels in the tournament mode, and you can enter the next level by defeating all the monsters on the current level. A core energy altar will appear on every 5th level, and the altar can be activated by killing all monsters. Clicking on the altar can restore 20% of the maximum HP.
  • Interact with the altar, and you can choose one of three random core energy. You can absorb up to 4 core energy at the same time.
  • When the player successfully challenges the 30th level, the chosen privilege will be automatically activated: when entering the tournament next time, you can choose one core energy absorbed during the last challenge and bring it to the tournament. It cannot be replaced and does not occupy the position of the core energy slot. It will become invalid after the current challenge ends.
  • Ranking rules: Challenged Levels > Time Spent > Submit Time

How to get the qualification

  • The tournament is only eligible for awards through an Access Pass or the Uniq from our NFT collection “Summon of The Highlord”
  • We are only open to level 20 and above players, the difficulty of the mode is not friendly for beginners, you can improve your ability and get more items to challenge later!

To buy one: https://t.co/qZIU9yw0Tr

Period: 3 Rounds, each round will run for 72 hours

11/25, 1000$ worth bonus in total for winners

12/2, 2000$ worth bonus in total for winners

12/9, 3000$ worth bonus in total for winners


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