Koakuma Clans Discord Campaign


Campaign Period

Mandatory Requirements

  • Clan should be composed of 5 members (Clan Leader must be on the Top 20 from the last campaign).
  • Every Clan Member should be at least level 5 at the end of the campaign.
  • The Clan should invite at least 10 new members and have stayed in the server for the entire duration of the campaign.

Campaign Mechanics

  • Clan Leader needs to recruit 4 members not included in the Top 20 on Last the Campaign.
  • Before Campaign starts, Clan Leaders should register his/her members by opening a ticket and ask HLD to register the name of the Clan (Ex. Keeper of the Light Clan).
  • The total points earned by each Clan will be determined by the Levels of each Clan member.
  • Before the end of the campaign, the clan should ensure that all of the members are at least Level 5 so they can claim the reward. If after the event, the Clan ranked #1 in the Leaderboard but one of the members is only Level 3, they will be disqualified from being declared as Winners of the Campaign. The Campaign is about team effort.
  • In addition to gaining Clan points, the Levels of the Invitees are also added:




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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.