Koakuma Discord XP and Invite Campaign

The monsters have risen from darkness, the moon shed light to reveal their unearthly and hideous figures, claws clattering as they march towards the Highlord’s Citadel. As all the people of Laria are terrified and trembling, a sudden bright fiery light flared from the sky, illuminating the legendary figure of a hero.

But the hero alone can not defend Laria, the mightiest troops are needed to fight alongside with the hero. The time has come to gather your troops, send emissaries to arrange a truce, and form those alliances. The Highlord is requesting the presence of the most brave, worthy, and mightiest troops to defend the Koakumaverse against beasts and monsters lurking behind the Highlord’s Citadel.

Train yourselves by joining the Discord XP and Invite Campaign, and be a worthy Hero to receive the rarest heirloom The Highlord can bestow, the Grane Skin.


  • Top 1–20 | Grane Skin
  • Top 21–40 | Avatar
  • Top 41–60 | $50 $KKMA each
  • Top 61- 80 | $25 $KKMA each
  • Top 81–100 | $15 $KKMA each
  • Exclusive #channel in discord (early access updates from the Development Team before it goes to public)
  • Exclusive Role Name: Highlord Descendants

Campaign Period:

Start: March 7, 2022, 10:30 am UTC+8
End: March 20, 2022, 10:30 am UTC+8

How to Participate

  1. Member must be at least Level 15 by the end of the campaign to qualify in the Top 100 Leaderboard.
  2. Members must invite at least 3 new members. The ‘Invitees’ need to be at least Level 3 by the end of the campaign.The Invitees should stay in the Koakuma server for the entire duration of the campaign, otherwise the member will be disqualified.
  3. Member must leave ‘comment or feedback’ in the #feedback channel by answering this question: What makes you excited about Koakuma.
  4. Member should follow our social media in the #official-links channel.
  5. Verification process — at any time during the campaign, a ‘Verified Descendant’ Role will be provided to members who submitted a feedback AND submitted a ticket with the proofs of the Levels of his/her Invitees.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All existing member’s Level will be reset to Level 0 at the start of the campaign.
  2. No cap or limit on level will be implemented. Members can level up as much as they desire.
  3. Every minute a Member is messaging/chatting, s/he will randomly gain between 15 and 25 XP.
  4. To avoid spamming, earning XP is limited to once a minute per user.
  5. Additional Roles: unlocked every 5 Levels
    Level 5 — Guardian
    Level 10 — Hero
    Level 15 — Elite
    Level 20 — Master
    Level 25 — Lord
  6. No Spamming. For purposes of this campaign, spam is the use of five (5) consecutive emojis, gifs, or stickers that is not a response to chat or is obviously out of context. Do not send consistent copy-pasted messages.* First Offense: 6 Hours Mute
    Second Offense: 12 Hours Mute
    Third Offense: 24 Hours Mute
    Fourth Offense: expulsion from the competition.
    Fifth Offense: Permanent ban from Koakuma Server
  7. Discord chat cooldown starts at 15 seconds and subsequently increase or decrease base on the number of members chatting
  8. No fundraising, promotion, advertising, or soft shilling or similar activities is allowed. Check other guidelines here in #rules.
  9. No talking and mentioning of other NFT Projects.
  10. XP will run only in the general chat and international channels. No XP on other channels aside from the one mentioned here.
  11. A rank link will be added to the Announcement Channel.
  12. A channel for Levels will be created.
  13. Be courteous and respectful.
  14. Koakuma Team reserves the right to change these rules and guidelines at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised rules and guidelines will be announced immediately.

About Koakuma

Koakuma is a medieval fantasy 3D MMOARPG. Its goal is to create a complete medieval fantasy world experience, where players fight in epic battles using specially designed NFT assets.

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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.