Koakuma Economy: How to play丨earn countless tokens and NFT rewards

1. Intro to Koakuma-verse

2. Earn as you play: How to collect adventure rewards

Grow stronger first…

What should you expect in the adventures?

How can you earn adventure rewards?

What can tokens, equipment, and other rare items do?

3. Build as you like: Collect skills, gather materials, & create items

Koakuma’s pet-system

How to gather materials?

(1)Learn more skills

(2)Buy from other players

How to create new items?

4. Token economy: The main two tokens

Governance Tokens($KKMA)

Circulation Tokens($BOD)

That’s it for now…

About Koakuma



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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.