Koakuma IGO — Jan 11 and Jan 14

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From the very beginning when we started Koakuma, we had a strong vision — to bring players an enjoyable and challenging Web3 game. Before we know it, more than two years have passed. During these two years of development, we have built the world of Koakuma from scratch, released 2 closed tests, held multiple rounds of tournaments, and the number of community members has grown from the first few Hundreds of people have expanded to tens of thousands, and we have met dozens of excellent partner projects.

Now we think it’s time to move on to a new phase! We are very honored to announce that Koakuma’s IGO will officially start on January 11th, 2023!
This IGO will be held on Seedify, GameFi.org, Gamestarter, and SporesNetwork. Users need to follow the rules of the corresponding Launchpad to participate in the IGO.


Gamestarter: January 11, 8:00 UTC — [How To Join] [Twitter]
GameFi.org (Sold Out): January 11, 9:00 UTC — [How To Join] [Twitter]
SporesNetwork (Sold Out): January 11, 10:00 UTC — [How To Join] [Twitter]
Seedify (Sold Out): January 14, 13:00 UTC — [How To Join] [Twitter]


Listing: January 16, 16:00 UTC on Pancakeswap
TGE: January 16, 16:05 UTC
Address: TBA

Usually, Launchpad will require players to stake platform tokens to obtain the IGO purchase quota, but if you have already won a whitelist, you can break through this limitation. You can check launchpads’ Twitter to join the whitelist campaigns.

Although the current market is slightly sluggish compared to a year ago, Web3 will disrupt the game industry. Therefore, as a long-term project, the market's short-term performance will not change anything. Let’s take a longer view and walk towards the vast and boundless Laria continent!

About Koakuma

Koakuma is a medieval fantasy 3D MMOARPG. Its goal is to create a complete medieval fantasy world experience, where players fight in epic battles using specially designed NFT assets.

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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.