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During the first KOAKUMA Closed Beta Testing (CBT) we encountered many warriors who got their taste of the stunning world of Laria. Our community was able to explore some parts of the vast land and was able to provide tons of valuable feedback for us to improve their experience.

Since then, our players have been looking forward to the next version of the Closed Beta release. They are eager to explore the art and monsters we’ve been teasing and fight in more exciting battles.

Good news is coming! We’re excited to share with our community that we are already putting the finishing touches on KOAKUMA’S Closed Beta Version 2 (CBT 2), which will open in October 2022. We’ve done a full range of upgrades in terms of operation, repeatability gameplay, and skills.

CBT2 Fight scene

This includes:

  • Randomized Dungeon
  • Combinable Skill Rune system
  • High-quality graphics
CBT2 Fight scene

Everyone can experience this in the upcoming version. You will now be able to challenge more bosses in random dungeons. Also, a new gameplay mode called endless will be available.

Endless mode is an interesting take on challenging players to survive. In this mode, you will meet a horde of monsters who will chase and try to take your life. The mode will feel like an unending battle of survival, hence the name “endless”.

Your task will be to kill all the monsters. And you will then get a chance to choose one from three randomized rewards to enhance your ability.

Do you want to prevail against the forces of evil?

CBT2 Fight scene


Endless mode is now only designed for CBT2 Tournament. Your mission is to survive several rounds of battles by defeating incoming monsters.

TIP: This mode belongs to Roguelike! After each round of monster defeat, the system will ask you to choose a reward. You will need to be strategic and use it to improve your ability. The better the synergy between your chosen abilities, the higher the power which will help you stay in the game longer!


Prizes worth $10,000 in total

Including $KKMA, Access Pass, Equipment NFT, Runes


If you hold an Access Pass then you will be eligible to join the CBT2 tournament.

Aside from being able to participate in the CBT2 Tournament, you’ll receive additional rewards!

Learn more about the Access Pass.


Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse

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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.