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How to view your own NFT

  1. Connect your wallet on tofuNFT
  2. Click your profile on the top right of the page and choose “My NFTs”

3. Now you can view your NFTs here 👇

What does the equipment attribute mean?

When you open the equipment details page, you’ll see a lot of attributes. To become an experienced warrior, it’s important to understand the meaning of these attributes.

Let’s explain them one by one.

Type: It indicates the NFT type. Currently, we only have two types: “Access Pass” and “Equipment”. There will be more types coming up in the future for example “Skill Rune”, “Consumables”, “Props”, etc

Quality: It indicates the rarity of the equipment. Equipment rarity from low to high are Ordinary(grey), Delicate(green), Rare(blue), Epic(purple), Legendary(orange). The higher the quality, the higher the attribute value and more attribute amount.

Part: It indicates the part of this equipment. There are 7 parts of equipment for now: Weapon(main hand & off-hand), Helmet, Chestplast, Pants, Shoes, WristGuard, and Ring.

Attributes: Now we are in the most important part. For each piece of equipment, it has 1 fixed attribute and several (Rare: 3, Epic: 4, Legendary: 6) randomized attributes.

Equipment Attribute

For the game’s numerical balancing purpose, we store the value of each attribute in the form of PERCENTAGE.

Let’s show an example to get a better understanding.

The value of the “Critical hit” is 95048 which means the percentage of this attribute is 95.048%, and the “Vitality” is 86.469%

How to get the real value of attributes in the game?

The game designer will give all attributes a reasonable range, and with the percentage of each attribute(which we got in the previous step), it would be very easy to calculate the real value of the attribute.

Let’s do a simple mathematics. Let’s say the “Critical hit” range of this wrist guard is [5%–20%], then once you wear it, the critical hit you increase will be

5% + (20% - 5%) * 95.048% = 19.2572%

Just in short:

  1. The higher rarity is better than the lower rarity
  2. The larger value is better than the smaller

What’s next?

Check THIS for more details about the INO and join the upcoming INO:

September 7th, 1PM UTC — — Gate

September 12nd, 12PM UTC — — Babylons

September 16th, 12PM UTC — — Liquidifty

September 22nd, 10AM UTC — — Scotty beam


Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.

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Koakuma is an MMORPG with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse.